The Art of Reflection

I attended this Linked In Development Workshop the other day and it was really impactful. For me, it was most impactful in which I am not the best person to talk about myself I find myself downplaying my accolades and thinking nothing of my experience. I think deep down I never wanted to appear braggadocious because I was taught to be humble. But what I took home was the art of reflection. Reflection is looking back at an experience and writing it down of course now it may seem like you would never forget but the truth is you will. So in reflecting, I have learned to use S.T.A.R.L. It looks familiar right its Situation, Task, Action, Results, Learning. This is important and telling that unforgettable story about your experience. Not everyone is able to have the experience that you are able to have but through crafting your reflections in a meaningful way they are able to read and instantly be there. During the break when you have a lot more time and not as many distractions it is a great time to self-reflect on your experiences. You may be wondering why are my experiences so important? But, they are important in telling the story of you. So the next time you are faced with that daunting question of “Tell Me About Yourself” utilize your reflections to talk about the experiences that make you into the person you are today.

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