Letters of Recommendation


As many of you prepare for winter break it is important to still remember your goals for next year whether that’s applying for a covenant scholarship or the school of your dreams. To make that process even smoother take time to gather letters of recommendation. It is important to build a relationship with teachers and faculty now so when you ask for a letter of recommendation it isn’t abrupt. Here are some ways to break the ice:

Go To Class

When you in class make sure to pay attention, see where their interests are, why they are inspired to do what they do

Office Hours/ Stay After Class

During this time allow your teachers and faculty the chance to get to know who you are. If you have attended class regularly there is at least one thing you have in common that you all could talk about.

Now that you have broken the ice talk to your teacher about what your ideal future is and get their opinion. It is important to talk through ideas with someone else. But, don’t let others opinion dictate your dreams suggestions should add to your dreams but not take them away.

If you’ve gone to class regularly, office hours, and talked candidly about your goals you’re ready for the recommendation. When asking for a letter recommendation be sure to take into consideration the recommenders time and make sure they have ample time to complete it. Also, when sending the initial ask or when asking in person be sure to include information about the scholarship and why you think you are the perfect fit. If you have to include an essay don’t be afraid to ask them to review your essay prior to sending off your scholarship packet.


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