Common Scholarship Mistakes

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Just Winging It:

It is important that as you apply for scholarships do your research. Understand the meaning of the organization, why the scholarship was created and what qualities they are looking for in their applicants. Through conducting thorough research you will save yourself time and heartache from unnecessary noes.

Letting Others Do Your Work: 

Although, your parents and family members may nag you to complete scholarship and grant applications the decision is ultimately up to you. Therefore, you should take ownership of every scholarship you apply for because the success or failure ultimately rests on you.

Reusing essays 

Using essay templates are great foundations but shouldn’t be the end all be all. Each essay should be tailored the organization you applying for. Nothing is worse than reading an applicants essay and getting to the end where they thank another organization. For example applying to be a Coca-Cola scholar and thanking McDonald’s for their consideration of your application. ????

Not Proofreading 

Proofreading is not merely checking for grammatical errors, be sure to check for the readability of your application. This can include making sure your responses are concise, easy to follow, and convey a clear understanding of the question at hand. In addition, to assuring the grammar is correct, try reading your responses to your grandparents and ask their feedback.  Furthermore, you can review your responses with friends or your parents and have them interpret what was said.

Waiting Until The Last Minute 

Scholarships often open and close very quickly so it is important to apply soon or you may miss your window of opportunity. Furthermore, scholarships with large amounts often require several moving pieces such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and financial statements that may take time to get. With that in mind, starting sooner than later allows to time to acquire, compile, and review the information before sending it off.

Spending Money To Make Money 

Scholarships and grants are free money and therefore there shouldn’t pay to receive the award. This is not to be confused with application fees which are normally under $10 or transcript fees that cover the cost of processing your information.

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