Scholarship Alert: The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults assists those 15-39 years who have been impacted by cancer either through diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. The fund includes multiple scholarships but requires only one application


  • $2500 award to be paid directly to your school over the course of two semesters
    • If awarded you would be obligated to organize and run a bone marrow registry drive on your campus with the support of There Goes My Hero.


  • Be a U.S. Citizen/Resident
  • General Application to Determine Scholarship Eligibility
  • Essay
    • Write a letter that you would have liked to receive during your cancer experience (e.g., from another survivor, a family member, a friend, etc.). Recommended 500 words minimum.
    • Please describe your career goals or potential areas of interest and how your pursuit of higher education will help you grow as an individual and inform your decision-making on a future career.
  • Physicians Form to verify treatment
  • Keep Handy
    • Tax Information
      • If you are a dependent you will need your parent/legal guardians total household income
    • List of extra-curricular activities to include organizations, teams, greek life, clubs, honor societies, etc
    • Transcript with unweighted GPA
    • Reference Name and Email of someone to speak to how you were impacted

Due March 1, 2018

Application Link:

Attached is the physician’s form

Past Winners:

Don’t be afraid to apply because if it is for you it will be.  Please contact if you would like any help in applying.

Good Luck!

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